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General info

"Age of Empires: Castle Siege" Time & Resourses Calculator v1.10
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The most precious thing in our life is time. And AOECS is all but about time.
This calculator is made to find how much time you've already spent building, how much you have left and what is your effectiveness.
The result comes in two dimensions:
- total time (if you were building only 1 structure at a time)
- 100% effectiveness (you build 4/4 all the time).

Additionally it calculates the same info about resources for all buildings, that require time. It's very convenient not only to realize your previous costs, but also your future ones making planning of your next actions more efficient.

> How to use it

You just need to put the current level info about all of your buildings. It's much simpler & quicker then you would think.
If you don't have some buildings - leave the cell empty or input 0.
As a result you will see how much time in days you've already spent, and how much time you need to spend more.
You can also enter the date you've started playing and see your gaming effectiveness.

> Personal thoughts

You are not always 4/4? I think you are spending your time to the wind. It IS possible to build all the time with normal not hardcore gaming. I have finished the game with 95% effectiveness (lost 5% only because for the first few weeks a was not playing it right). It is just attacking for resources and not for crowns.
Best effectiveness comes from powerful economy and army.
You need to have your silos (storehouses, lumberyards) be maxed not to let you loose resources because you are full and can't get more. It is not that important at first to max your farms, mills and quarries. And don't forget about economical upgrades.
Level up the army camps to have powerful army. Upgrade units. You don't need to upgrade every unit. Concentrate on that you like to use the most. I personally don't upgrade standard cavalry. Special civilization units I found to be more interesting. And of course find your favorite heroes and upgrade them. But think about time it takes to recover. For example, I didn't upgrade Charles Martel for more than level 2 to have him in almost every battle.
Defense is less important. And it is much more important to build maxed quantity of towers then to level up few. Good layout of you castle defending the resources and the keep is also important.

> Links

- AOE:CS' wikia
- Forum support topic

Please fill free to contact me with any suggestions, questions or requests by forum or by mail.

> Version history

Version Date Changes
1.10 04.10.2016 - added all Age X changes with patch 1.21
1.9 01.08.2016 - added changes made with patch 1.19
1.8 14.02.2016 - new official webpage
- fixed error in situations with buildings with level 0 or empty not counting right. Thanks to DevotedWand515 from aoe forum
- fixed error in the Keep's wood resources needed. Again thanks to DevotedWand515
1.7 08.12.2015 - added info about new building's levels with patch 1.15
- added more conditional formatting for better visualization
1.6 30.10.2015 - added conditional formatting to time/resources tables depending on current level
- usability improvements
1.5 29.10.2015 - added Embassy
- minor visual changes
1.411.10.2015 - added resources
1.306.10.2015 - minor format changes - fixed all time errors. Thanks to Zourlo from aoe forum
1.1 10.09.2015 - fixed few errors in time
- added missed 3rd patrol point
- changed formatting and outlet of the form
- added time left with current effectiveness
- other small good things
1.0 28.07.2015 - initial release

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